Frequently Asked Questions


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+ Questions about payment.

Question: What payment methods are accepted?

Answer: We accept all credit cards including Visa, Master Card, Amex and even eChecks. All payments are handled through PayPal and you are not required to have an account.

Question: Can I pay from my bank account?

Answer: Yes if you currently have an account with PayPal. If not, you will be required to sign up and confirm account which may take upto 5 business days.

+ Questions about product availability.

Question: When a product is out of stock, how long does it take till its available again?

Answer: This will depend on the product. If the product shows discontinued on its page, it will not be available online anymore. However, you may check with one of our resellers directly to see if they have stock.
If we are sold out, simply sign up for our mailing list on the home page and as the product becomes available, an email will be sent to notify all our patient friends.

Question: Where can I go to see actual products?

Answer: Please click the resellers link at the bottom of the home page to find retailers and distributors in your area.

Question: How can I find out the retailer or distributor has the product I am looking for in stock.

Answer: Please contact the distributor or retailer directly with the details provided on the reseller page.

+ Questions about ordering.

Question: How do I find information on my order?

Answer: Simply click the "My Account" on the top right hand corner of the screen and enter in your username and password.

Question: Can I purchase gifts and ship directly to the recipient?

Answer: Yes! When you are prompted for the shipping address, please enter the recipients address and in the notes section put "Gift". We will gift wrap it for you and will provide a gift receipt if required. And to thank you for giving a Matrix Audio product as a gift, we will provide your next gift at half price!

Question: How can an order be changed?

Answer: Click the "My Account" link on the top right hand corner of the screen and select the "Modify Order" tab.

+ Questions about shipping.

Question: When will I receive my product?

Answer: For orders in North America expect upto 7 business days. For international orders it can take upto 10 business days. Please email for the exact duration.

Question: How much is shipping?

Answer: Shipping price will vary depending on level of service and location. All shipping options will be provided upon checkout.

+ Questions about trouble shooting.

Question: How do I connect the bluetooth?

Answer: Please enable bluetooth on both your device and speaker. Select the appropriate item and enter "0000" as the passcode.

Question: My SD card is not working.

Answer: Please refer to the instructional manual to find the support file types.

Question: My bluetooth speaker will not auto connect.

Answer: This may be because a friend paired their device to the speaker and the speaker automatically pairs with the last device. Delete the speaker from your Bluetooth list and re-do the pairing process. It will now auto connect.

+ Questions about accessories.

Question: I need a longer auxiliary cord.

Answer: Please refer to the "Accessories" tab on the home page and various options are available for purchase.

If you still cannot find the answers you need, please contact us.